Thursday, January 22, 2015

The most effective makeup and beauty products website

Previously I was posting about makeup in my early twenty,

Now I will reveal the most effective ways to keep update the news of makeup and beauty products!


Pinterest is the new style, pinterest is like a bunch of micro article whom very informative and simple. By using pinterest we could share our interest in so many things and then, Pin it! Yes the tagline is Pin it, Love it, and Share it! And times to times I found pinterest is like a really a huge bookshelf of anything we love and interested in, by following the accounts that active and online every day, and every hour, we could see every post organized in a single photos. Of course we can click the image and go directly to the link, but the information is now packed in a picture!
It’s look like this,
click to see the full picture

Nothing is more handier and directly without using your smartphone!
And in your android, it will look like this. The interface is amazing and user friendly, nothing is better that pinterest, even tumblr apps instead.
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This is my pins and my boards
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This is my Likes and my Following
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And finally the internal browser of the pin,
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This is my timeline, where feeds of my following pinned things
See ? every feeds that you love, when you follow makeup pinners, it will rush to your timeline directly.
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This is the link of the pin, this is the main article of the pin.
Right ? pinterest is the most effective media to get up to date about your makeup news!


This is nowhere but place of MakeUp Artist being recognized for the first time!
I search for tutorial of so many makeup to do and the makeup artist upload the videos humbly, they got some credits for making a tutorial and for their videos to being watched, and they love their job so very much! They taught us to feel pretty and beauty not just because the makeup, but their soul is beautiful too.
These are some video of my favourite makeup artist that available on youtube:

Samantha Ravndahl  

Chloe Morello

Lauren Curtis

Laura Leth

Kathleen Lights

Shannon Shaaanxo

Carli Bybel

Kandee Johnson


There is obviously so many community on Instagram, and as for Makeup Artist and Makeup Junkie too, so many of them.
I told you they are so humble, and skillfully with no doubt.
And the photograph of their works ? PROFESSIONAL !
I was asking a tutorial of Naked 3 Palette to Vanillia_2607, and she is making it for me ! look how
clever she is making it as the tutorial!
click to see the full picture
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She even explaining the detail of products she wear.


And this look is from thelipstickjungle_
She even answer my question!, if your comments is not late she will answer it!

Blogger and Google+

Another effective way of searching review of product is, Blog! And the effective way is not about googling it, you can search it through your google+ page, as this example below :
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You can sort it for the Best of, or The Most Recent category.
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