Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and Song of the month

Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and Song of the month

So finally this early 2015, as you can see in my previous post is that one of the resolution of my new year is a “one post a day”. And I found it’s not bad at all, because every each day of this January is so shockingly important. I never thought that I was a good writer though, but I have a thing to be a good blogger, I guess.

Someday this blog will be a complete timeline than I never had before. Last years I was really active in Facebook, I do posting articles, notes, photos, but for now I think things that really linger everyday will be written in a blog, not in a social media, especially twitter. When your tweet will drain so fast because you retweet too many tweets.

Once upon a time, when MTV still aired freely in national television in Indonesia, there is always “Song of the Month” every single of the month, and I think for my January 2015, my song of the month is The Script for The Energy Never Dies.
The Script never upset me, their song is always been a hit. Yes as the alternative music listener, The Script is always be my favorite band ever.

Here is the lyrics, I got this from

The Energy Never Dies

I cross my heart and I hope to die
Me God strike me down if I tell you lies
Stay here forever looking in your eyes
24/7 baby 3-6-5
I'll take your hand and I'll hold real tight
I'll tell you life's just for playing so don't think twice
Let's catch the moment in a flash of light
24/7 baby 3-6-5
If we're gonna feel alive, let's feel it now

We could all be blown to pieces
Because time's a ticking bomb
We can all be dead tomorrow
But our love will carry on
When you know your days are numbered
And you're looking in my eyes
It's not the end, cause the energy never dies

Oh, oh oh, oh, oh
And this is my favorite quote of the lyrics.

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