Thursday, January 22, 2015

Makeup in my early twenty

When I do a flashback to the early 2014, I think I was doing a preparation for my own wedding.

And I was having a deep interest in makeup.
My mother is always be my role model for a woman being, and I know that my mother less wearing makeup. And me too, I don’t want to be a heavy makeup junkie, because my job is not a makeup artist so my interest in makeup is just for knowledge, of how could a woman look so perfectly beautiful and flawless in the magazine cover? And it turns out it’s not just a Photoshop, but the model, or the artist itself had to wear a perfect makeup for a perfect photo shoot effect. So yes, I was curious and the side effect of it until now is that I love to wear a better makeup product, I love to browsing around in the internet just to fulfill my curiosity of a product, whether I will buy it or not.
The benefit of browsing around, watching many videos of various makeup artist, is always lead me to the idea that to be beautiful it’s not about what makeup we wear, how expensive and luxurious our makeup products are, how perfect your eyeliner applied on your lid is, but it comes from our heart, like the smile of your face that won’t really effect every people you meet every day if it’s not coming from our heart, we always have to be humble human being to look beautiful, we always have to be smart, independent, because dumb is never cute.

I never spending too much money in makeup, so when I want to buy a makeup product, I convince myself to never fail and wasting money in that product. Every product that I bought have to be a infestation of my money, so I always so picky to buy makeup products. Because before I never googling anything about makeup product, I was believe in oriflame and it turns out all of the products I purchase is bad and the advertising is so really really too much. Because the product is never as good as the advertising say. And it happens on oriflame, you can google review of oriflame product yourself, and you will find that the cons review is so dramatically much more, than the pros reviews. So now, before buying any makeup product, you have to be picky and browse it before, and always keep an eye for the ingredients. Because somehow even the highest company cannot insure you that the product demand is free of mercury animal testing.

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