Thursday, January 2, 2014

2nd January 2014

Hello 2nd day ~! this person has zoned out for so long right?
I Apologize for all the late post though

well, should we start?
gratefully we are still here, earth, 2014~ yeay.
what it was like to live up to this era ?
crazy? tempting? hard? happy?

this continuum of era is highly modern, sophisticated, awesome~!
as the social media phenomenon crawling to the top as human being habit. Everyday, every hour, every second, you can get somebody's feeds of news in a blink of an eye!
well in my era it was friendster, the only website that user friendly enough to us Asian people, yet now i am really love websites ._.

in my opinion, social media is good. They're very usable to post any information we need. Here I am tryin' to share things, that I still do. Fortunately up until now. Take a peek~
Yes it's a wall, yes, a Styrofoam ._. Red Styrofoam exactly. And bunch of pinned paper, sticky notes, an old photo, Calendar yes.
but that is not my point, my point is this hall of sheets, my lady, is a room wall organizer. 
How many of (girls) people today is still using this wall organizer? Raise your hand ~!

Maybe i am not in the age to use wall organizer since it is so many cool application you can download for free as a reminder, a calendar, or a memo in your smart phone. Yes, my lady it's not about how old fashioned my smartphone is. 

It is about how effective this method to remind you about everything you have to do. Well, in this case i am not pinned every to do list in my wall organizer yet, yes it's 2nd day of 2014 anyway, so~ (oh well, few hours later my wall organizer is going to be a mess with sticky notes everywhere).

And, it is simple! yes, maybe you thought that, "but its going to be a lot of paper i have to buy"
yes yes my lady, it's going to be a lot of paper if your to do list are so easily accomplished every day.
SO ? use a worn out paper, girls~(all hail green energy)

because when you're in your room, every time you wake up from your sleep, you'll see that annoying (well) dreams, target, or to do list you have to do. Every time. well my lady, it works on me
REALLY well, you have to try it, get organized start from today, reach your dreams, and try to do everything on efficient time. Good luck.

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