Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Min Gheir Mounasba "For No Reason"

So I've been listening to lots of Arabic music nowadays , one of them is come from Elissa with title , Min Gheir Mounasba ,

He meets me, whether there is an occasion or not
He comes to me, acting so pitiful and deceiving me with words
He often says hes sorry, but no matter how much he apologizes
I cannot forget that he is hurting my pride
It is not worth it anymore, to forgive him for what he did to me
If he comes apologizing to me, kissing my hands
How can I go on feeling good about myself, after today ?
And go back to someone who raised his hand on me ?
I will not be able to be careless, and find reasons to forgive him
Those who commit mistakes should pay for them
If one is careless towards one own wounded dignity
They deserve to be wounded a hundred times more
And this is very touching , really
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