Friday, July 13, 2012

I've got Your Number

Hey there , just want to share my review,

Now I'm reading Sophie Kinsella - I've got Your number,

It's amazing for the first time you've read it, it was always Sophie Kinsella style to set a plot where there's a trouble some heroin named Poppy as the main character and trying to make things better even solved it.

If you were Sophie Kinsella chicklit's reader for the first time she launched Shopaholic Series ..
You will not find similarity between Becky and Poppy indeed. But as Sophie Kinsella tradition, the character she brought always have a faith to help each other and clumsy whatever the main character job is. So this kind girl named Poppy begin with some trouble that she has, she lost her Engaged Ring! that's the first trouble, (yet in Shopaholic Series begin with Becky got tons of bills.) and then Sophie Kinsella's Guy character (my next attention) is always amazing and literally gorgeous! in I've Got Your Number you'll meet Magnus Tavish and Sam Roxton. And Yes, there will be another charming prince look like you will love here. It's all about Ring, Engangement, And Phone.

So If you were a Sophie Kinsella fans and always used to know her amazing writing, check it out :)
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