Thursday, January 10, 2013

every morning is precious

a morning is more precious, if you turn off your mobile in the night.
forget the device, and spend the whole morning like people used to,
nowadays people forget how to spend the morning without barely looking to their device.
open your door and see the sky freely with your barely eyes
morning sky is beautiful, and always will be.

don't turn on your mp3, just feel the morning breeze silently without no music content to it.
the nature sound. With no harm.

Langit pagi setelah angin kencang kemarin malam,
Langit pagi itu selalu indah, dan patut disyukuri
The sky in the morning after high winds last night,
Morning sky is always beautiful, and worth to be thankful for

Hana Zainab Mukarromah Web Developer

I am a programming teacher who lived in Bandung, pluviophile nephelolater, oneironaut, writer, blogger, muslimah for a living